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Tue Feb 5 13:27:36 EST 2002

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>Subject: observations,et.
>Date: Tue, 5 Feb 2002 12:44:54 EST
>you are very wrong in you position, and I suspect you know it.please 
>when we search "modern library" on e-bay we expect to see only modern 
>your marketing plan notwithstanding, you are creating a problem for all
>collector of modern library. not only  are you causing us problems, I am 
>sure but that you are violating the principles of e-bay.
>please reconsider.
>anthony pertusi


I will consider removing the Modern Library from my insert template,
If the census thus requests.

However, I just would like this newsletter to bring ML information, and not 
by some people to push others around.

By the way, I'm within eBay guidelines, but eBay members are not suppose to 
talk about other eBay members or eBay in chat rooms or newsletters. That's 
is not within the guidelines.

By the way, I don't believe you are an eBay member Pertussi, but I value 
your input, nevertheless.

And it is Joaquin A. Gasso

writersden at comnpuserve.com

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