Ron Thoman rgthoman at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 5 11:12:30 EST 2002

I agree wholeheartedly with John Wolansky's comments about Scot.  His humor
is great. His ML standards are high.  He is fair-minded and honest.  He is
cooperative and always willing to give advice and assistance.  His ML
knowledge, experience, and insights are very helpful and informative.  His
ML web site is incalculably valuable to beginning and as well as
experienced ML collectors, and we all owe him a debt of gratitude for
creating and maintaining that site, and all the time, effort, and skill
that go into it, and especially more recently for the dust jacket
collection.  I salute and thank him for all this and more, and I too hope
he will continue to be himself.

Ron Thoman

> [Original Message]
> From: John M. Wolansky <jwol at fast.net>
> To: <modlib at algol.owu.edu>
 > Date: 2/5/02 8:51:36 AM
> Joaqin,
> In truth, yours was the shop I was thinking about when I asked the board
> solutions for the clutter.  Prior to receiving some excellent advice about
> selection parameters I was reduced to skipping all of your offerings.  As
> soon as I saw one, I glanced over the next several listings where your
> appeared to have made the offering.  Consequently, any books you offered
> I wanted were are passed over.  That is unfortunate because we should
have a
> symbiotic relationship, me as a collector and you as a dealer.  I just
> checked and noted that of the 437 items returned with the "Modern Library"
> selection criteria, you have 102 items listed.  Some are not books, I
> noticed Coke bottle memorabilia.  The problem is time, reading all the
> titles that are not Modern Library related.  I suspect, especially in view
> of the "fixes" offered by some of the other list members, that more
> especially those interested in Modern Library will also pass on your
> offerings.  As a CPA from a business standpoint, I wonder if removing
> "Modern Library Editions" from your offering template would increase,
> decrease or have no effect on your ML sales?
> I personally enjoy Scott's commentary and his sense of humor.  If anyone
> fact had a problem with Scott, I suspect it has to do with the interests
> dealers versus collectors.  As a collector, I have generally agreed with
> observations.  I have an interest in his thoughts and contributions, hope
> continues with the same attitude and demeanor he has in the past, and I
> appreciate his efforts.  At some point, I may even deal, having acquired
> more books than my home can comfortably contain and as a seller, nothing
> Scott has said would rankle me.
> Hopefully, we can move ahead without the ill will and you will change your
> marketing scheme ;-).
> John

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