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In truth, yours was the shop I was thinking about when I asked the board for
solutions for the clutter.  Prior to receiving some excellent advice about
selection parameters I was reduced to skipping all of your offerings.  As
soon as I saw one, I glanced over the next several listings where your shop
appeared to have made the offering.  Consequently, any books you offered and
I wanted were are passed over.  That is unfortunate because we should have a
symbiotic relationship, me as a collector and you as a dealer.  I just
checked and noted that of the 437 items returned with the "Modern Library"
selection criteria, you have 102 items listed.  Some are not books, I
noticed Coke bottle memorabilia.  The problem is time, reading all the book
titles that are not Modern Library related.  I suspect, especially in view
of the "fixes" offered by some of the other list members, that more people,
especially those interested in Modern Library will also pass on your
offerings.  As a CPA from a business standpoint, I wonder if removing
"Modern Library Editions" from your offering template would increase,
decrease or have no effect on your ML sales?

I personally enjoy Scott's commentary and his sense of humor.  If anyone in
fact had a problem with Scott, I suspect it has to do with the interests of
dealers versus collectors.  As a collector, I have generally agreed with his
observations.  I have an interest in his thoughts and contributions, hope he
continues with the same attitude and demeanor he has in the past, and I
appreciate his efforts.  At some point, I may even deal, having acquired far
more books than my home can comfortably contain and as a seller, nothing
Scott has said would rankle me.

Hopefully, we can move ahead without the ill will and you will change your
marketing scheme ;-).


> It was not a question, Scott, it was rather a demand. It seems that
> you have difficulty adjusting to the fact that you are just like
> everyone else, and that having a ML interest does not a God makes you.
> I see, in fact, that you seem to have problems with other members as well,
> so perhaps you should look into your soul and ask: Do I have a problem?
> I also think that this newsletter should be restricted to ML matters, and
> that talking about other members, should not be allowed.
> Now as far as going ballistic, I think that asking another eBay member
> to change their entire marketing scheme just so that Mr. Big Shot could
> better access to his searches--shows just
> what you're all about.
> Now, to answer your second point. I personally think that your statement
> that "she never offers a difficult piece yet" should be changed to "she
> never offers anything CHEAP." That was what the other email you sent me
> about--my prices are too high.
> You see, my "future real state agent", I remember at least two items, in
> which you bid (on items I offered) but just didn't bid high enough.
> Which perhaps reflects what that other member--that differed with you and
> was "asked" to leave--pointed out--you are just cheap.
> Now, I also may be "asked" to leave the list, but who's really the problem
> here. Could it be the Big S--maybe he should be asked to leave for
> threathening other members "to do as he says" and implying that he would
> the power of this group to get his way. And
> this is exactly what is trying to do. I just hope that other members who
> have dealt with TheWritersden, would continue to do so--and see Scott for
> what he is.
> Joaquin
> writersden at compuserve.com
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