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>>-  Hate the clutter on eBay.  Searching using the "search title and
>>description" feature results in a significant percent that are not ML's.
>>Seems that if a vendor lists Modern Library among his/her holdings, the
>>search feature will return all their books.  One dealer in Florida drives 
>>crazy.  Any solutions?
>I wrote to one such person (TheWritersDen in Miami) explaining the
>problem and requesting that she change the listings. She went totally
>ballistic - you'd think I asked her to sacrifice her first born son.
>Scot Kamins

It was not a question, Scott, it was rather a demand. It seems that
you have difficulty adjusting to the fact that you are just like
everyone else, and that having a ML interest does not a God makes you.

I see, in fact, that you seem to have problems with other members as well, 
so perhaps you should look into your soul and ask: Do I have a problem?

I also think that this newsletter should be restricted to ML matters, and 
that talking about other members, should not be allowed.

Now as far as going ballistic, I think that asking another eBay member
to change their entire marketing scheme just so that Mr. Big Shot could have 
better access to his searches--shows just
what you're all about.

Now, to answer your second point. I personally think that your statement 
that "she never offers a difficult piece yet" should be changed to "she 
never offers anything CHEAP." That was what the other email you sent me was 
about--my prices are too high.

You see, my "future real state agent", I remember at least two items, in 
which you bid (on items I offered) but just didn't bid high enough.
Which perhaps reflects what that other member--that differed with you and 
was "asked" to leave--pointed out--you are just cheap.

Now, I also may be "asked" to leave the list, but who's really the problem 
here. Could it be the Big S--maybe he should be asked to leave for 
threathening other members "to do as he says" and implying that he would use 
the power of this group to get his way. And
this is exactly what is trying to do. I just hope that other members who 
have dealt with TheWritersden, would continue to do so--and see Scott for 
what he is.

writersden at compuserve.com

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