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"John M. Wolansky" wrote:

> -  By my reckoning, there have been over 700 posts since I joined the ML
> list early last May.  I wonder if J. Krygier could tell me how many
> subscribers he has?

We have approximately 70 subscribers to MODLIB.

> -  Hate the clutter on eBay.  Searching using the "search title and
> description" feature results in a significant percent that are not ML's.
> Seems that if a vendor lists Modern Library among his/her holdings, the
> search feature will return all their books.  One dealer in Florida drives me
> crazy.  Any solutions?

The Writers Den!  Annoying.

Put this in the search box:

    "modern library" -($4.88--check)

...then check the "search title and description" box and search.
This should get rid of non-ML stuff and the Writers Den listings.

Putting "modern library" in quotes restricts searches to listings
that have the phrase "modern library"  Without the quotes, you get
listings that have the words modern and library: such as "This
former library book discusses the modern history of Libya".
Not interesting!

As for the "-($4.88--check)"  anything in the parenthesis is
excluded from the search.  As "The Writers Den" does not
actually have their name in the listings in text (they do as a
graphic) you have to find some other phrase which shows
up in every posting.  At the bottom of their listings is a sentence
which mentions that they sell Modern Library books - part of
that sentence is "$4.88--check" - you could use any part of
that sentence, but this chunk seems pretty unique.

Once you get the search results, go to the bottom of the page
and click on "Save this search in my eBay!"  This feature is
located under "Favorites" in your My eBay section, and allows
you to just click on the word "search" instead of typing in
"modern library" -($4.88--check) every time.

Hope that makes sense!

John K.

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