DJ project: 1928 Pater up

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at
Mon Dec 23 17:03:48 EST 2002

You're missing two jackets for Pater's Renaissance: the B&L jacket, and a
1960s version of the last jacket with lettering in red instead of brown and
the lower part of the jacket in greenish yellow instead of blue.  I could
use a copy in the 1960s jacket myself!


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> Folks,
> John Krygier spotted a Pater's Renaissance on eBay that wasn't in the
> database. I've added it to:
> Interesting enough, while this title has been in the series since B&L
> days through 1970, we have only three dust jacket variations.
> Somebody's holding out!!!
> Happy Holidays,
> Scot Kamins

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