Federalist lst with 2nd state title leaf

Gordon Neavill aa3401 at wayne.edu
Sat Dec 14 10:03:03 EST 2002

In connection with my recent query to the list about The Federalist, I'm happy to report that Dave Menkin has a copy of the first printing with the tipped in title leaf.  I thought this might exist from information I had read in the Random House archives, but I had never seen a copy.  

Based on this new information, my bibliography will describe two states of the first printing of The Federalist: the first state with the acknowlegment to the Carnegie Corporation of New York on the verso of the title page, and the second state with the original title leaf torn out and replaced by a newly printed leaf with the acknowledgment to the National Home Library Foundation that appears in all subsequent printings.  Both states include the statement "FIRST MODERN LIBRARY EDITION | 1941"

Thanks, Dave!

I have several other queries that I'll put to the list after the holidays.


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