Tacky Green Buckram

John M. Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Sat Dec 14 07:58:52 EST 2002

I have two that are red; G17, Poems and Plays of Robert Browning and G59,
Wisdom of China and Israel.  About a year ago I saw a copy with what I
recollect as a darker copy, maybe blue.  I passed because of the large cup
stain on the cover.

Last week I noticed something else about the giant buckrams.  Look at the
scan j b provided and you will see the torchbearers on the cover and the
spine are slightly different.  While "staring" at the spines of my giant
buckrams on the shelf, I noticed that some had the left arm pointing
downward, like j b's copy and like regular giants, while others had the left
arm straight back, like the cover of j b's copy.  I took each one off the
shelf and noticed that all but one had both torchbearers, but if the
downward arm is on the cover, the straight back arm is on the spice and vice
versa.  Only one copy had the same torchbearer on both the spine and the

J b, you are right, that green is awful.  Does it glow in the dark?

John Wolansky

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From: j b krygier <jbkrygie at owu.edu>
> All the buckram MLs I have seen are the same
> brownish/redish material.  I recently found a
> copy of Carlyle's "French Revolution" in a rather
> horrifying lime-green binding.  Looks legit,
> but curious if this is a common color, and if
> there were other colors.
> A scan of the offending copy is here:
> http://www.owu.edu/~jbkrygie/modernlibrary/modernlibrary.html
> thanks,
> John K.

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