Have MLs in DJ become an endangered species?

John M. Wolansky jwol at fast.net
Thu Dec 12 18:40:21 EST 2002

My recollection is that about three years ago there were about 15,000 Modern
Library books listed on ABE.  Today it is about 30,000.

I live in an area that is book rich in terms of book stores.  I can drive 50
miles South to Philadelphia and another 50 or so to Delaware and Maryland.
Twenty miles to the East is New Jersey and in another hour I am in New York
City.  I can go North from there into CT in short order or visit the Hudson
Valley book stores.  Armed with a Used Book Lovers Guide and lists from the
Yellow Pages on the net, I have visited each of these areas and more
numerous times.  I estimate that in the 3 1/2 years I have been at this at
least 50 bookstores have closed and not been replaced.  Some of the owners
indicated the walk in business was slowing, perhaps because of the net
growth, and the remaining walk in business was not enough to support the
rental overhead.  I am sure this is no surprise to those of you in the
industry.  Of the remaining stores, many if not most also sell on the net.

While there may be a reduction in the number of Modern Library books in the
remaining stores I visit, it does not seem appreciable, although the prices
have been creeping upward this year.  My opinion is they are not becoming
endangered yet since they were mass produced for decades and the number on
ABE will continue to grow.

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> In the recent exchange on erratum slips, I got the sense from several
> contributors that finding MLs in dust jacket (in bookstores) is becoming
> difficult to near impossible. Is this true?

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