Have MLs in DJ become an endangered species?

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> my own experience with Iowa City suggests 
> that the key to access to a good supply of MLs is proximity to a large 
> university.

Most interesting, in that my own experience with MLs dates back to my college 
years when I began buying MLs from the ML bookcase at my college bookstore.  
I wanted to supplement the assigned required reading with some of my own and 
I was beginning to turn to books to deal with some of my own issues.

Though I guess there are no longer specifically designed ML bookcases in 
these stores, maybe today's universities and colleges still have staff and 
faculty who purchased their books many years ago from the ML bookshelf.

I really like the concept that there are "ML cities."  And unfortunately I 
too am seeing some of my favorite bookstore haunts close down.  It is a 

Gordon R. McCoy
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