Have MLs in DJ become an endangered species?

Joe Singleton joesingleton10 at mindspring.com
Thu Dec 12 10:17:56 EST 2002

Maybe they are all listing them on Ebay, and selling them that way.  There
is a major used-book store chain here in Houston that suspiciously hardly
ever has MLs w/ DJs.  For the size and presence that the store has, it's MLs
in proportion to the number of used books that they carry is pretty much
zero.  It makes me wonder if the buyer/s maybe know about ebay, or similar
source, and send them directly to a bidding war.

Joe Singleton
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  Yes, I have noticed the same trend.  I think you are on to something.

  From time to time I go to bookstores in Springfield and Chicago, Illinois;
and in Milwaukee, which have an ML section.   Until about one year ago, each
store would have several dozen MLs in stock, most of which were without dj,
but yet several with dj and worth looking at.   At one store in downtown
Milwaukee about 18 months ago I purchased, for example, a three-volume ML
set with dj of the Fall of the Roman Empire at a very decent (low
two-figure) price.  The sales clerk smiled at me and commented, "I wondered
how long that would last."  So she knew.  Now, the only MLs in stock
currently at that same bookstore are without djs and not even in very good
condition at that.  All the rest are gone.

  So is this good news or bad news?  I guess good news in that larger
numbers of people are joining us and are confirming our wisdom, but bad news
in that the prices will surely be going up as MLs with djs become
comparative rarities.

  Gordon R. McCoy
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