I'm new! Question

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Wed Dec 11 13:18:37 EST 2002

At 11:20 AM -0600 12/11/02, Cynthia Stevens wrote:
>I'm a new list member. I am trying to sell a number of our books, some
>including Modern Library Editions.  I have searched about, but haven't found
>anyplace to do an online check for current values.  Is there one?

In short, no. For an approximate RETAIL value (that is, the price a 
knowledgeable dealer might charge), use Modern Library Price Guide 
(2000 edition) reviewed at:


>And, if there isn't, can anyone help me with the value of Lie Down in
>Darkness, William Styron, ML 350, with dj not price clipped 1951, owner name

Depends on the condition and whether it's a first. A first fine/fine 
is worth $25 max. Some fool on eBay may pay more.

- Kamins

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