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I'd be very interested in a photocopy of both sides (front and back) of the title leaf if it includes *both* the First ML statement *and* the acknowledgment to the National Home Library Foundation.

A tipped in title leaf means that the original title leaf was cut out of the book and replaced by a newly printed leaf.  It could either be the title leaf by itself or several pages at the beginning of the book.

Thank you for checking this!

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1027 BURNS ST.

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  You asked to let you know if anyone has a first with a tipped in title leaf and the acknowledgement to the National Home Library Foundation, of #139.3  The Federalist. 

  I have a copy without a Dust Jacket .  But I do not know  what 
  " a tipped in title leaf " is?.  Do you want a photo of the title page?       Dave Menkin       
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