Have MLs in DJ become an endangered species?

Matthew Buckingham mdbuckingham at msn.com
Wed Dec 11 02:46:14 EST 2002

In the recent exchange on erratum slips, I got the sense from several
contributors that finding MLs in dust jacket (in bookstores) is becoming
difficult to near impossible. Is this true?

I'm sure it varies some from region to region and depends on how many good
used bookstores you have to troll, but how many of you are noticing a marked
decrease in ML supply in places where you once found plenty of books?

My sense here in the Pacific Northwest is that the overall condition of
books has gone down while prices have increased somewhat, but I'm still
finding enough "good stuff" at affordable prices to make it worth my while.
(I define "good stuff" as firsts in correct dj, flexible bindings in dj, and
books with reinforced buckram bindings with no underlining or ex-lib marks.
"Affordable" to me means under $10, under $20 for a first in first dj.) How
is it where you are?

Thanks for the tip about the erratum slip in "Quiet American, by the way. I
never noticed it before--and I've actually read my copy.

Matt B.

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