Dorian Gray #125.3

Scott Conove rscconove at
Tue Dec 10 17:38:40 EST 2002

    I recently picked up a copy of what I believe to be #125.3 (The Picture
of Dorian Gray).  This is the copy that omits De Profundis ("#125.2 w/o De
Profundis"). Henry's guide says that the proper spine should be type 13.
However, the copy I have has type 11 spine and still meets the requirements
for #125.3.  The inside DJ doesn't list a specific number of titles, but
#339.1 is the highest title in the catalog, dating the book to 1963.  This
would mean #125.3 was printed from 1963-1970.  Do I have the proper copy?
Does anyone else have this copy?
    -Scott Conove

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