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car collecting is not book collecting, but since there is so much more of it 
going on, it's easier to analogize.

but what if ML were available with copied DJs? they're not as valuable as 
the real mccoy, yet they must be more valuable than a DJless title.

The infant excitement of the hunt and collection came from the lists in 
these dust jackets and my predecessors had precious little more to start out 
with. The woman who got me started had no idea when she would be done, but 
passionately added to her collection whenever able using DJs as a guide. Did 
some of the aura dissipate once the quest became finite?

We have so many more tools at our disposal today, should we just start and 
stop with the treasure hunt and not look further into enhancing our 
collection from a quality point of view if not quantity?

Or is this a pandora's box of counterfeitery? (new word?)

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This discussion reminds me of something similar that happened to me 
recently, although it differs in the thing being collected, and
in the amount of money involved.

I recently sold a collector car made and marketed by a Famous Car Guy to the 
Famous Car Guy Himself.  I was under the
impression he was adding it to his very tasty and very extensive personal 
collection. However, he re-titled it and re-sold it
very quickly as "Famous Car Guy's personal car".  He made a five-figure 

  A few months later the newest owner
tracked me down and offered the car for sale.  I  told him, politely, that 
while I could understand why some people might
consider the temporary ownership to have added value to the car, it added 
nothing for me. I offered him
my original selling price, but advised him to turn down my offer as unfair 
to him.  He did, and sold his car for his
original purchase price ten days later.  The car has now crossed the country 
in a trailer 3 times.

Was it really the "Famous Car Guy's personal car"? Maybe legally, but not to 
me.  But,
as always, something is worth exactly what someone else will pay for it.

Steve Fox

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 06:44 PM, david medsker wrote:

>The genuine article is always critical in collecting and the integrity of 
>dealers, however with the problem of missing pieces or pages, what would be 
>wrong with making corrective restorative repairs and marking them with 
>"copy" like they do in the legal system to separate the court's paper from 
>the attorney's and client's papers?
>I paint cars for a living, and although I do my best to make the repair 
>seamless and invisible, only an unscrupulous person would represent such a 
>vehicle as cherry when in fact it's been repaired, no matter how well the 
>repair is made. I could understand someone after the fact and without the 
>information making the mistake of thinking the car was cherry if I did a 
>good job, though. This is the area where you really get to find out the 
>integrity of a person, especially if they stand to gain from not exploring 
>every possible test of genuine article vs. copy.
>In the collecting of leatherettes (my interest) I would be delighted to 
>have them all in dustjackets, color and date matched, then if the dj is 
>removed, the inside blank page is stamped "COPY". Or would something like 
>this put the power of printing money in the hands of unscrupulous traders?
>I could see a little cottage industry, "DJ Scans by Kamins", unlicensed 
>reproductions for collectors. After all the homes in Portland are sold, of 
>OR have I been spraying paint without a respirator again?
>david medsker
>  >

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