Quiet American

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Sharon, I do want to pick up on the passing reference you made to Zuleieka 
Dobson.  I have a beat up but whole first of this book, with the little 
paper tab saying that Francis Hackett's Intro was received too late for 
inclusion, and offering to send the buyer a copy with intro at a later date, 
if the buyer would express this desire to the publisher.  I assume that this 
tab is what you mean by errata?  My main curiosity about this notice is 
about the pace of the publication of these volumes back then.  The little 
tab almost sounds like this volume was treated like the daily news...we need 
to get it out there, even if we have to send customers a new volume when the 
intro is added.  What was the big rush?

John Peterson
Fort Wayne, IN

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>    It would be easy to make a copy of the Greene erratum slip, the more
>valuable one from Zuleika Dobson, or even a whole dust jacket.  But the
>item would be a fake, so I can't imagine any reputable dealer being
>involved.  Of course there are disreputable sellers, but my guess is that
>they are busy making new pages from the Gutenberg Bible and
>wouldn't waste their time on Modern Library books.
>               Sharon
>On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, JOSEPH HILL wrote:
> > I had placed a half-hearted bid on this book hoping to buy it for
> > re-sale,not even asking if it had the Erratum,I was not the high bid. I
> > have my own copy with the erratum and started to think;in this day of
> > the xerox machine,it would be so easy to make a copy of this small peace
> > of paper .In fact,are they not all copies from the publisher?   Any
> > Thoughts...?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >

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