Quiet American

david medsker dsmedsker at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 9 18:44:23 EST 2002

The genuine article is always critical in collecting and the integrity of 
dealers, however with the problem of missing pieces or pages, what would be 
wrong with making corrective restorative repairs and marking them with 
"copy" like they do in the legal system to separate the court's paper from 
the attorney's and client's papers?

I paint cars for a living, and although I do my best to make the repair 
seamless and invisible, only an unscrupulous person would represent such a 
vehicle as cherry when in fact it's been repaired, no matter how well the 
repair is made. I could understand someone after the fact and without the 
information making the mistake of thinking the car was cherry if I did a 
good job, though. This is the area where you really get to find out the 
integrity of a person, especially if they stand to gain from not exploring 
every possible test of genuine article vs. copy.

In the collecting of leatherettes (my interest) I would be delighted to have 
them all in dustjackets, color and date matched, then if the dj is removed, 
the inside blank page is stamped "COPY". Or would something like this put 
the power of printing money in the hands of unscrupulous traders?

I could see a little cottage industry, "DJ Scans by Kamins", unlicensed 
reproductions for collectors. After all the homes in Portland are sold, of 

OR have I been spraying paint without a respirator again?

david medsker

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    It would be easy to make a copy of the Greene erratum slip, the more
valuable one from Zuleika Dobson, or even a whole dust jacket.  But the
item would be a fake, so I can't imagine any reputable dealer being
involved.  Of course there are disreputable sellers, but my guess is that
they are busy making new pages from the Gutenberg Bible and
wouldn't waste their time on Modern Library books.


On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, JOSEPH HILL wrote:

 > I had placed a half-hearted bid on this book hoping to buy it for
 > re-sale,not even asking if it had the Erratum,I was not the high bid. I
 > have my own copy with the erratum and started to think;in this day of
 > the xerox machine,it would be so easy to make a copy of this small peace
 > of paper .In fact,are they not all copies from the publisher?   Any
 > Thoughts...?

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