a bad e-bay experience

j b krygier jbkrygie at owu.edu
Tue Dec 3 08:06:55 EST 2002

Matthew Buckingham wrote:

> In future, ask lots of questions and keep copies of the answers until 
> the sale is completed to your satisfaction; that way you can remember 
> what the seller said about an item and remind him of it when negotiating 
> a refund ("You said the dust jacket wasn't price-clipped," etc.).
> Which seller are we talking about, anyway?

Yikes!  Be careful here.  As list owner I
must remind all that Modlib is not a proper
forum for airing grievances related to ML
sales on eBay or anywhere else.  I do think
that Anthony Pertusi's original posting for
input on a bad eBay experience is fine, but

As for eBay: I have acquired a few books
that turned out to be real stinkers, due
to seller misrepresentation.  In most cases
the problem was resolved by remaining calm
and patient.

But one must remain philosophical:  I look
at eBay as a bit of a gamble: inadequate
descriptions, sellers that know nothing about
books, lack of a photo...all are dangerous and
you never quite know what you bought until you
get it.  Yet this has produced dozens of
spectacular buys (leatherette Symonds, Schriener
in DJ, Kent Wilderness in DJ, dozens of ML balloon
cloth and firsts in DJ) that more than offset
the cost of a few duds.

Yet there are ways to stay out of this gamble
if you can't stand it - only buy from known and
competent eBay ML sellers.

John Krygier

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