a bad e-bay experience

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Mon Dec 2 19:15:00 EST 2002


many sellers on ebay (and many mail order businesses in general) use 
shipping and handling as a profit
center. many of them say right up front that they are gonna charge a 
certain amount for shipping.

i buy a lot of things on ebay and generally find that the amount 
charged for shipping is
excessive, sometimes absolutely ridiculous. but some people do an 
incredible packing job, which takes time.

every once in a while someone only charges for actual shipping costs, 
which is an
awesomely nice thing to do, and i commend the person who recently sold 
me 49 MLs and did the righteous thing.



On Monday, December 2, 2002, at 07:00 PM, acpertusi at aol.com wrote:

> hello:
> recently I had a bad experience on e-bay where I purchased two books. 
> the
> first book was advertised as a binding 11 and turned out to be binding 
> 14. the
> other book was not a first edition cover. this one I consider to be my 
> fault
> because while he didn't say, I was remiss  in asking.
> also I paid $7.50 for priority mail that was sent media mail for $ 
> 1.84, which I didnt receive for three weeks. I had paid for and 
> requested priority.
> I explained all of this to the seller and requested a refund on the 
> first book, and
> a rebate on the unused postage. I have gotten nowhere with this 
> person, and the last e-mail I sent I threathened to contact e-bay. 
> this was foolish on my part because
> I don't have a clue how to do this. the amount do me is less than 
> $20.00.
> I returned both books to him, media mail, and have not heard from him 
> since.
> please advise.
> anthony pertusi
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