a bad e-bay experience

acpertusi at aol.com acpertusi at aol.com
Mon Dec 2 19:00:19 EST 2002

recently I had a bad experience on e-bay where I purchased two books. the 
first book was advertised as a binding 11 and turned out to be binding 14. 
other book was not a first edition cover. this one I consider to be my fault 
because while he didn't say, I was remiss  in asking.
also I paid $7.50 for priority mail that was sent media mail for $ 1.84, 
which I didnt receive for three weeks. I had paid for and requested priority. 

I explained all of this to the seller and requested a refund on the first 
book, and
a rebate on the unused postage. I have gotten nowhere with this person, and 
the last e-mail I sent I threathened to contact e-bay. this was foolish on my 
part because
I don't have a clue how to do this. the amount do me is less than $20.00. 
I returned both books to him, media mail, and have not heard from him since.
please advise.
anthony pertusi
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