The Price Clip DJ Problem

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I will put my own penny's worth of opinion into the mix.
First of all "Fine" does not mean new. "Fine" as I see it refers to the 
overall impression of the book, as do the other condition classifications. A 
book, in my view, can have very minor blemishes  and still be fine. A small 
price clip would in my opinion fall into the category of a minor blemish for 
most books, except where the price is a crucial factor in determing the 
edition, like post 1970 ML or books published by Holiday House. And as far as 
I am concerned there is a vast difference between a Very Good copy and a Fine 
one. I usually place Very Good copies some 40-50% less than a fine copy. Of 
course with very old material the Very Good is probably all you will find and 
it would still be very expensive. I am quite happy with BL dust jackets which 
are only VG, though I have some fine ones too. I would, in virtually all 
cases, go for the immediate impression of a book. For the most part a book is 
on a shelf. The first visible thing is the spine, so I am very picky about 
its appearance. A price clip mean that you actually have to pick the book up, 
open it and see if it is price clipped. A much lesser priority as far as I am 

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