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Scot Kamins wrote:

> At 2:53 PM -0400 8/20/02, j b krygier wrote:
>>  > Maybe a 'true'
>> first of this title should be worth more than the
>> G it is assigned in the Guide.
> I think that there's a danger in relying on the pricing suggestions made 
> in the Guide. (I say this mostly for the benefit of newbies; John 
> already knows this, of course.) The prices in the Guide are there to 
> provide a frame of reference of relative value based on the writer's 
> observations of the market at the time of the writing. The apparent 
> scarcity of a volume changes as new copies come on the market.

I guess my point was that there are
several printings of certain late
1960s MLs, not noted in the Guide,
and it is relatively easy to tell
the difference between a true first
and a later printing.

> For example, we've seen that there are far more copies of the 
> Illustrated Alice than we thought just a few years ago. As the apparent 
> scarcity changes, so does the book's value. The Alice isn't worth what 
> it once was . 

It is curious that, what, 4 or 5
Illustrated Alices showed up on
eBay within maybe ten or so months,
and none since.

> By the same token, even with the vast resource that is the Internet, 
> we've seen practically no jacketed versions of first catalogue B-L's 
> emerge. When was the last time anyone has seen a jacketed 1.1 offered on 
> eBay or anywhere else for that matter?

Not sure if someone is keeping
track, but if I recall a B&L
with a jacket shows up maybe
twice a year on eBay.  Never
seen on on ABE or other similar

By the way, there was just a B&L
with a jacket on eBay a few weeks
back - I think few noticed it, as
it was oddly described and in a
group with some other books.  One
ML collector did catch it and
outbid me (it went for a bit over


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