Curious ML Binding

Sat Aug 17 20:12:46 EDT 2002

John's copy of Irwin Shaw's SELECTED SHORT STORIES probably 
dates from around 1971.  The price of ML books went up to 
$2.95 in 1970, so it can't be earlier than that.  Plain 
white endpapers were commonly substituted for Fujita's "ml" 
endpaper after 1970.  The binding is an anomaly.  
Fujita's "ml" design on the front panel of the binding is 
normal for this period; the older spine design isn't.  Maybe 
the ML never got round to cutting a new die for the spine of 
this title.  Maybe the later die was lost or broken and the 
older die had to be used in its place.  Or maybe the older 
die was used by accident.  Such things happen.  This is the 
first time I've seen this spine design used with Fujita's 
front panel design.

What's surprising is that Shaw's SELECTED SHORT STORIES was 
being published at all after 1970.  RH was discontinuing one 
ML title after another in 1971.  A huge part of the series 
disappeared that year.  Shaw's collection of short stories 
was exempted so RH could retain control of the anthology 
rights.  Shaw had left RH in the mid-1960s after a 30-year 
association with the firm.  SELECTED SHORT STORIES was an 
original collection of his stories, compiled by Shaw for the 
ML when he was still a RH author.  Apparently RH's rights to 
the collection lasted as long as it remained in print.  
John's copy is probably the final printing.  Shaw's SELECTED 
SHORT STORIES was discontinued in late 1973 or early 1974.



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