Sat Aug 3 09:07:19 EDT 2002

I think I'll put my ML Shorter Bible on eBay and describe it 
as the Gutenberg Bible ... complete with dj!

Should someone tell the seller and winner that this copy of 
SUN ALSO RISES isn't the Charles Scribner 1926 first edition 
as described?  Probably only make the mad ...


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>Hi Modlib,
>This eBay auction should give hope to
>all of you hoping to unload some of
>your DJ-less Modern Library hardcovers:
>j   b   k r y g i e r
>a s s i s t a n t  p r o f e s s o r  o f  g e o g r a p h y
>o h i o  w e s l e y a n  u n i v e r s i t y
>g e o l o g y  a n d  g e o g r a p h y
>d e l a w a r e  o h  4 3 0 1 5
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