DJ Project: Major Contributor appears!!

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sun Apr 28 16:35:26 EDT 2002


Here are a couple dozen new dust jackets, mostly sent by Matthew 
Buckingham who in one fell swoop zooms to the number four position in 
the all-time greatest list of contributors to the dust jacket 
project. Way to go, Matt!!!

Apologies to Matt for taking so long in getting these posted. (But 
hey - what's seven weeks between friends!)

I still have a few more to put up, including a few that Henry sent 
me. But these will take a bit more time because they require my 
creating new author pages for them, updating the master Authors 
index, and so on:

Caldwell - God's Little Acre (1939)
Confucius - Wisdom (illustrated box)
Conrad - Victory (1932)
Defoe - Moll Flanders (1935)
Dickens - Pickwick Papers (illustrated box)
Flaubert - Salammbo (1929)
France - The Queen Pedauque  (1923)
Gilbert - The Mikado & Other Plays (1920)
Huxley - Antic Hay (1938)
Irving - Selected Writins (1945)
Lawrence - The Rainbow (1930)
Longfellow - Poems (illustrated box)
Marx - Capital & Other Writings (1939)
Meredith - Ordeal of Richard Feverel  (1927)
O'Neill - The Emperor Jones & The Straw (1928)
Poe - Best Tales (date uncertain)
Rostand  - Cyrano De Bergerac  (1929)
Swift - Gulliver's Travels (1933)
Thoreau - Walden (illustrated acetate)
Thucydides - Complete Writings (1934)
Voltaire - Candide (1927)
Zola - Nana (1933)

Misc. Short Stories - Great Tales of Terror etc. (1968)
Misc. Short Stories - Fourteen Great Detective Stories (1938)
Misc. Unclassified Literature (mostly)- Anthology of American Negro Lit (1935)

The Faults Project remains on hold until I get more time freed up.

The good news is that I sold my first property, which means that I 
actually will get some money soon!!!

Thanks for your patience,

Scot Kamins
Oregon's Newest Real Estate Agent
(with Scott Trahan Realty Brokerage)
"I Listen."
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