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> Joe Hill thinks that the generic ML dj should go on the Potpourri page
> in the ML Guide. I agree. A guesstimate for price would be $75.00 for
> a VG copy. The one pictured on ebay I would say is not even G.

The two B&L Modern Library titles with the generic
dust jackets (Spring 1918) sold for $103 (Wilde, Poems)
and $87 (Russian Stories) on eBay.  As Henry notes, the
DJs were poor, but any B&L in any kind of DJ is so scarce
that poor may have to do.

I do realize that eBay prices are not always a reliable
indicator of ML value.

But - given the the proposed valuation of $75 for a VG
copy: why isn't the value in the same range as other B&L in
DJ ($90-$150)?  The DJs were generic (no title, blurb) - a
minus - but, essentially, these DJs are rarer than the non-
generic DJs as they were used only in the spring of 1918.
I know scarcity and price are not necessarily related.

Also, given that three titles are known to have this DJ,
other titles probably also had the same DJ.  What about
actually including the DJ type between DJ type a and
type b (Toledano's Guide, p. 164)?

Is it possible that this generic DJ is the correct 1st DJ
for spring 1918 first editions?

John K.

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