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I agree with Scot. Some people are so nasty that I make it a policy of never
offering unsolicited advice unless the seller's error is so egregious that
it almost constitutes felony fraud. (Sellers who honestly want to learn more
about Modern Library books are a whole different story--gracious,
inquisitive, share their own stories about prices, cool book finds, etc.
They know you're giving them free information that they can turn into a

My horror story: A seller was representing a scruffy, unjacketed ML reprint
of Bram Stoker's Dracula as a first edition--not merely a "Modern Library
first" or a "first thus" but a first first. (The copyright page says 1897 so
it must be so, right?) I normally ignore crap like this because it's so
common and nobody with a lick of sense falls for it, but this time the
bidding had climbed to well over $100. Anyway, I e-mailed a polite caveat
emptor to the high bidder and laid low, because technically this is a
violation of eBay rules: they call it "transaction interference" (eBay
apparently has no moral compunction against collecting fat commissions on
sales you or I would term swindles). Within a few hours I had reaped the
whirlwind: the seller stopped the auction in an outrage, of course, but then
the high bidder e-mailed me, insisting that she knew exactly what she was
doing--she'd been searching for that book for months!--and that my username
had been "reported to the proper authorities." Fortunately, I had taken
precautions against such "blowback" by registering an assumed username under
a Hotmail account before e-mailing the bidder. Never again.

Matt B.

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> >  People who don't know Modlib are very likely to misrepresent their
> The problem comes with people who refuse to accept good counsel, and
> who decide that the truth doesn't matter. I also have had rude
> replies from the same seller when I pointed out several weeks ago
> that no ML's were in leather, and that the date he was seeing was the
> copyright date or date of first impression from the source material
> that ML copied. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about.
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