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William Ingles wringles at soli.inav.net
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I'm afraid we're only going to see more of this kind of behavior.  Way too
many people who accidentally sell a book on eBay start thinking of
themselves as Booksellers and no matter how nice you might be, you can't
tell them anything: they won't listen.

Unless/until there are bookseller standards, an awful lot of people are
going to kid themselves into thinking they're experts.


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> >  People who don't know Modlib are very likely to misrepresent their
> The problem comes with people who refuse to accept good counsel, and
> who decide that the truth doesn't matter. I also have had rude
> replies from the same seller when I pointed out several weeks ago
> that no ML's were in leather, and that the date he was seeing was the
> copyright date or date of first impression from the source material
> that ML copied. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about.
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