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Hi ModLib folks,

Read a review in the local paper this morn of the reissued (paperback)
"At Random: Reminiscences of Bennett Cerf" and a new collection
of Cerf/Klopfer letters called "Dear Donald, Dear Bennett" (hard-
cover).  The letters were written in 1942-5 while Klopfer was in
Europe (Army) and Cerf back in the US.  As most of us know,
Bennett Cerf and Donald Klopfer were the founders of Modern
Library and Random House.

"At Random" is a good read for ML fans, with a liberal dose of
ML info (along with alot of other info about Random House and
literary events in the 20s-60s).  I have not seen "Dear Donald,
Dear Bennett" - the review in the paper found it a bit too focused
on practical matters ("five hundred Tacitus this week" - quoted in
the paper) but those are probably just the kind of things ML folks
would enjoy.

If any one has read the "Dear Donald..." book do post a book report
on its relevance for ML fans -- or if you have comments on "At
Random" for those of us who have not read it, do share.

John K.

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