Very Peculiar ML Dust Jacket

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I too have never seen this style jacket and will be interested in the

I have this book without a dust jacket.  Mine is B&L in brown leatherette,
however, while the one in the photo appears to be green.  Do I take it
correctly that the same book was bound in multiple colors?  Or would it be
different editions?  I can't tell edition from my copy without jacket.

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> Hi ModLib,
> Once in a great while eBay turns up startling Modern Library
> items.  I just about choked on my coffee this morning when
> I saw an early Boni and Liveright ML (Poems, Wilde) with
> a DJ style I have never seen before:
> The DJ looks 'generic' - no indication of title or author on
> the front of the DJ only "The Modern Library" and "Limp
> Croft Leather" and a peculiar splotchy design.  The DJ
> spine is damaged, so not sure if the author/title was printed
> there.  Given the photo of the inside DJ flaps, it looks
> official.
> I have seen lots of pictures of B&L in DJ (many are shown
> in Andes Bibliography), have seen a reasonable number
> in person, and have read just about everything that
> has been written on MLs and have never seen nor heard of
> such a DJ.
> So, experts: what is the story behind this strange ML DJ?
> [ps: I have no connection to the seller]
> John K.
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