DJ Project:N through R jackets up, plus a personal note

Scot Kamins kamins at
Sat Sep 29 15:06:12 EDT 2001

Hi Folks,

Two notes in one here.

First, the N thorugh R jackets are up. There is no Q however; only one Q 
author exists, and that's De Quincey, whom you will find in the D's. (I 
put him there because it seemed silly to have a letter with just one 
author and a single dust jacket in it and I figured folks would figure it 

I'm working on the S jackets now, and it's very large. I counted over 40 
authors. I'll probably need to go to two TAble of Contents pages on it - 
I'm still figuring it out.

On another note, and somewhat off-topic, I've started a commercial 
Website called Pavilion City. It's an Internet shopping mall - actually, 
a gateway to hundreds of stores. I created it to support the efforts I'm 
putting in on the Dust Jacket project (I have no income) and to pay for 
the entire Dogeared site. When you buy something through Pavilion City, I 
get a commission. It doesn't cost you anything extra to buy stuff there, 
though - it's as if you had gone to a store directly.

Please check it out and write me with questions (but not on this listServ 
- use kamins at or mallguy at


     `\|||/                     Scot Kamins

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