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   As you indicated, the number 250 is on the back of the DJ on titles
from 1940 and 1941.  I'm guessing 250 appears on most if not all of the
books printed in those years.  But it's not really a typo.  The wording is
"over 250 great titles," which was true, although some were not so great. 
My copy of Dorothy Parker's Short Stories (1942) mentions 275 titles on
the back, whereas the inside number is 281. Later they used the number 300
for several years.  I've always seen the back of the hardcover DJs as a
guide to the general age of the title, a kind of generic number, but not
the specific printing.  

    What does everyone else think?


 On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, jb krygier wrote:

> JOSEPH HILL wrote:
> > I don;t know,as I have not been keeping up with it so,perhaps the number
> > has been corrected.
> > Today I picked up a Fine First of-The Short Bible.
> > The number is 250
> > 274 titles are listed in MLPG
> Curious!
> I am guessing that this is a typo on the DJ.  The first ed of "The
> Short Bible" is 1940, so it should list 271 or 274 titles.  250
> would make it 1937 or 1938, and thus a flex cover (I am assuming
> the copy you have his HC).  Anyone else have this number on a
> 1st of the Short Bible?  Do let us know if this is a flex copy of
> the "Short Bible"...that would be a find!  On the other hand, a
> HC issued in 1937 would also be a find.
> I have noticed that the number of titles on the back of the DJ for
> 1939-early 40s is often wrong.  I have copies of Feuchtwanger's
> "Power" with 274 titles listed inside and 250 on the back, also a
> copy of Lewishon's "Island Within" with 271 titles listed inside
> the DJ and 250 on the back.  Maybe the printer for the "Short
> Bible" ML DJ didn't want to count the actual number of titles and
> used the number on the DJ back for the inside of the DJ.
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