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In a recent e-mail, jwol at fast.net said (in part):

>While not on point, a related observation:  One of my Modern Library
>pamphlets indicates the books were simultaneously issued at two different
>prices at least once.  This particular pamphlet is not dated but the highest
>Giant is G95, The World of Opera.  That would date the pamphlet about 1966.
>The Giants were priced at $3.95, but the regular line, and I quote, was
>"$1.95 each, except where noted.".  About half the volumes listed were
>priced at $2.45.  Just checked another pamphlet, this one with a high Giant
>of G94, The Leatherstocking Saga, with a list of Fall 1966 Prospective
>Titles for Vintage Books states the same pricing scheme.  The other half
>dozen or so pamphlets show only one price.

I was about to say that $1.95 and $2.45 were the prices for regualr 
editions; the price went up from $1.95 to $2.45 in 1965, according to 
Toledano (MLPG, 2nd Revised) page 157. Giants were $3.95.

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