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While not on point, a related observation:  One of my Modern Library
pamphlets indicates the books were simultaneously issued at two different
prices at least once.  This particular pamphlet is not dated but the highest
Giant is G95, The World of Opera.  That would date the pamphlet about 1966.
The Giants were priced at $3.95, but the regular line, and I quote, was
"$1.95 each, except where noted.".  About half the volumes listed were
priced at $2.45.  Just checked another pamphlet, this one with a high Giant
of G94, The Leatherstocking Saga, with a list of Fall 1966 Prospective
Titles for Vintage Books states the same pricing scheme.  The other half
dozen or so pamphlets show only one price.

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> Has there been any discussion about the price-change labels? Were they
> used as updates, or did some MLs come with the labels out of the gate,
> slapped on between printing the DJs & shipping? I just got an Ellison
> Invisible Man (338) that has the $2.45 sticker placed over the original
> ($1.95, I think on the front flap), and it got me to pondering yet more ML
> minutiae.
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