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Sat Oct 27 18:42:05 EDT 2001

Hi ModLib people,

I reviewed the Modern Library DJ project pages at
and have a few corrections and additions.

First let me thank Scot for the excellent job on the DJ pages.  What a
great resource!

I first list DJs I am aware of, but don't have.  Maybe some of you
out there on the list have these MLs and can scan and forward to Scot.

Scot: you need a "Wanted" page to list missing DJs - that way
we won't lose track of the missing DJs!  Alternatively, you could
put a space on the page where the DJ should be.

I also have a list of the DJs I have that were not in the DJ pages.
of these are early 1940s MLs that were discontinued by 1945 - Stendahl's

"Charterhouse of Parma," Sudermann's "Song of Songs," and several
anthologies.  Also included are a few of the post-1967 redesigned DJs
for otherwise common ML titles.  There are probably more of these
missing from the DJ pages...maybe.

It is amazing how many DJ variations there are in the ML!

I also noted a few typos.

Under the page for Snow's "Red Star over China" Scot has a space
for a 1944 there really a different earlier DJ?  Lets see it!


ML DJ Project: Additions/Corrections (10/27/01): JBK
Missing DJs: I know of but don't have:

Gissing: "Private Papers of Henry Ryecroft"
 - 1940-42 text DJ

G. du Maurier: "Peter Ibbetson"
 - missing common post 1940 dj
 - also: shouldn't he and Daphne be under 'D'?  This would make it
        with Henry's Guide.

Misc.: "Best Ghost Stories"
 - missing 1940-44 DJ

Misc.: "Great Modern Short Stories"
 - missing the very common 50s/60s DJ

Misc.: "Great Tales of the American West"
 - spelling error in title
 - missing common DJ variant with different, goofier type

Schreiner: "Story of an African Farm"
 - missing 1940-42 text DJ

Shakespeare: "Histories and Poems"
    - missing the 1943-47 big volume DJ

Stendhal: "The Charterhouse of Parma"
 - missing 1930s pictorial DJ

Voltaire: "Candide"
 - missing 1930s pictorial DJ (mine has a coffee ring)

Welty: "Selected Stories"
 - isn't there another DJ?  for some reason I think I have seen
        a variant DJ.

Wilder: "The Cabala"
 - DJ shown is 1929 anomaly DJ (not 1934)
 - missing 'normal' DJ w/same art

Scans to be Sent to Scot

Merejkowski: "Peter and Alexis"
 - sending late 1930s text DJ variant

Merejkowski: "Romance of Leonardo..."
 - sending late 1930s text DJ variant
 - is there one of these DJs for "Death of the Gods"?

Misc.: "Best American Humorous Short Stories"
 - sending 1940-45 DJ variant

Misc.: "Great Modern Short Stories"
 - sending 1940-42 DJ variant

O'Hara: "Appointment in Samarra"
 - sending post 1967 DJ variant

O'Hara: "Selected Short Stories"
 - sending post 1967 DJ variant

Poe: "Selected Poetry and Prose"
 - sending mid 1950s DJ variant

Polo: "Travels..."
 - sending mid 1940s text DJ variant

Porter: "Pale Horse, Pale Rider"
 - sending post 1967 DJ variant

Shakespeare: "Tragedies"
 - sending 1943-47 DJ variant (single volume)

Stendhal: "The Charterhouse of Parma"
 - sending 1940-42 DJ variant

Sudermann: "Song of Songs"
 - sending 1940-41 DJ variant

Suetonius: "Lives of the Twelve Caesars"
 - sending 1960s variant color DJ

Veblen: "Theory of the Leisure Class"
 - sending late 1930s text DJ variant

Various Corrections

Jean-Paul Sartre:
 - name spelled wrong on pages

Leonardo da Vinci:
 - error in HTML link from V page

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