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In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at said (in part):

>I do wonder how many book collectors actually read what they

Do you mean onlt since getting the books in the Modern Librry editions? 
Does it count if you read them previous to getting the ML editions?

Previous to ML collecting, I read all the stuff you'd expect from a 
Liberal Arts major and former MacFlecknoe wannabe (I've never had high 

Thurber Carnival
Most of the philosophies
Most of the poetries
Most of the Shakespeare
Most of the 15th thru 19th century popular British and (later) American 
Much of the religious stuff
Oracles of Nostradamus [Hey. We were all young once.]

And of course, I tried to read Joyce's Ulysses. Couldn't understand a 
bloody word.
("Greatest Novel of the 20th Century" indeed! How the hell can a piec of 
literature be THAT great if a person of at least bright-normal 
intelligence can't get past the preface? That's why Ezra Pound's "Cantos" 
can't be called Great.)

Since collecting, I've read in the ML editions for the first time:

Late George Aply
(the previously malighned) Life with Father
Cotton Kingdom (A GREAT Civil Rights piece on par with Huck Finn, I think)
My War with the United States
Confessions of a Young Man [awful]
In Dubious Battle [Fantastic and under-rated - as much a "sleeper" as 
Paul Simon's Hearts and Bones album]
Enormous Room
South Wind

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