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> You got to be kidding,The Cotton Kingdom is a real find at that price!!
> I have the volume in my collection and it's the only copy I have ever
> come across.

One cool thing about collecting ML is that you can find rare
copies that don't cost much - at least once in a while.

I am curious about the relative scarcity of the last two years
of ML Giants: this includes Gogol "Collected Tales," Lewis
"Children of Sanchez," Olmsted "Cotton Kingdom," Bewley
"English Romantic Poets," and the anthology "Between Hume
and Mill."

Given the values in Henry's Guide (which are determined by
things other than scarcity alone), am I correct in assuming
the Bewley and Olmsted to be the scarcest?  Are Gogol and
Lewis any less scarce than Olmsted and Bewley?  "Between
Hume and Mill" seems to be the last Giant published, but does
not seem as tough to find (I have seen a few on eBay and several
in used book stores and there are a passel of them on ABE and

In reading over the extensive introduction to "Cotton Kingdom"
by Arthur Schlesinger (by the way, this intro is not noted in
the Cotton Kingdom entry in Henry's Guide) I was somewhat
puzzled as to why ML would issue the "Cotton Kingdom."
While Olmsted was an important landscape architect, it seems
as if this document of his travels in the pre-Civil War US South
is somewhat obscure -- historically significant for pre-Civil War
historians of the US South, but not really a book for the masses.
Maybe this book was seen as relevant to the Civil Rights movement
in the late 1960s.  Still, seems an odd choice for the ML.  Any
ideas why ML would publish this obscure tome?

John K.

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