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Tom wrote:

> I have just discovered Scot's wonderful website, and its given me the bug to
> start collecting Modern Library or similar.
> But, one problem, I live in the UK, will it be possible for me to compile a
> useful collection at reasonabl cost here in the UK?

I think we have at least one other UK Modern Library collector
on the list (or maybe he unsubscribed).  While there were UK
Modern Library editions (discussed in an earlier posting), they
are quite rare.  I assume that you won't find that many ML
editions in the UK.  Keep an eye out for UK MLs with the price
in pounds on the DJ, a copy would be quite valuable.

However, decent copies of the more common ML editions in DJ
can be had on eBay and other WWW auction sites - it is not
unusual to see copies going for less than $5, some for $1 or $2.
Add postage to that, and, well, it isn't too bad of a deal to get a
good hardcover ML in DJ for under $10.  Don't know if that is
reasonable or not.

Being in the UK you have access to other hardcover reprint
series that are not as easy to find in the US.  Indeed, the UK
invented the cheap but decent quality hardcover reprint edition.
Everyman's Library, Nelson Classics, Collins Classics, Oxford
World's Classics - all similar in size to ML editions and, in many
cases, covering the same literature, histories, philosophy that the
ML covered.


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