Trading MLs on ModLib

Scot Kamins kamins at
Mon Oct 15 11:21:41 EDT 2001

In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at said (in part):

Ditto to what John said. Also:

>Some of the list subscribers may not want to get email on trading.
>A partial solution: make sure you provide a clear subject line in any
>postings regarding trades so those who are not interested can just
>delete the email.

I suggest starting such posts with the WTT: (for Want To Trade:)


WTT: Toledano 127.3 for any B&L

or WTT: Pynchon's V 1st in DJ

Further, the trading or negotiating or request for further details would 
NOT take place on the listServ. Only the original posting would appear, 
and the follow-up discussion would happen through personal e-mail. For 

[::subject::] WTT: Pynchon's V 1st in DJ

[::content::] I have a Pynchon's V 1st in DJ (VG/VG) that I'd like to 
trade for a Babbett 1st plus any flexi in DJ in G or better condition. 
Picture at Please reply to: wally at

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