Trading MLs on ModLib

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Mon Oct 15 09:10:55 EDT 2001

There has been a bit of a discussion about trading Modern Library
editions on the ModLib discussion list.

Scot and I did discuss this prior to establishing the list.

While there are plenty of places to sell books (and thus ModLib
is not an appropriate place to sell books), there are, as far as I
know, no places to trade.

Potential problems?

Some of the list subscribers may not want to get email on trading.
A partial solution: make sure you provide a clear subject line in any
postings regarding trades so those who are not interested can just
delete the email.

Scot mentioned placing a list of potential trades on a WWW page,
if you have access to such a page, and making that list known via
a posting to the group.  That would also minimize excessive postings.

A more serious problem: if an exchange goes sour.  My policy is
that you undertake any trading in a state of 'trader beware' and do
not expect the list or myself to take any responsibility for problems.
Thus I am not sanctioning trading, but not forbidding it.  I think the
folks on this list are unlikely to get in a fight over a trade gone bad,
if you are unhappy, please deal with the problem away from the list.

In the end, I think trading can happen via ModLib without generating
much email nor leading to any problems.

Any one else have any opinions?

Post to ModLib or to me privately (jbkrygie at


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