A Few Recent Finds...

Scot Kamins kamins at dogeared.com
Sat Oct 13 11:52:17 EDT 2001

In a recent e-mail, jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu said (in part):

>The big find was a VG/VG copy of Olmsted's <Cotton
>Kingdom.>  Not price clipped and no remainder mark.
>The pages are still lightly stuck together, so it must not
>have been read.  Paid $15.  Not exactly a BL in DJ for
>50 cents, but still a good deal.


$15 for one of >THE< toughest post-B&L ML's?

I would SAY it's a good deal!!!

I too have been dry as of late, but I haven't really looked. Now that I 
think of it, I've been so busy with other projects (setting up a couple 
of Web sites, the DJ project, and so on) that I haven't been to a 
bookstore in months. I hardly even look on eBay. But that will change 
soon. :-D

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