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Fri Oct 12 23:02:30 EDT 2001

I found the list of topic that might be discussed on ModLib very interesting 
and I would like to suggest we pick one or two to work on next.

I suggest we start by every one stating  " the focus of your collection"
       I started over 15 years ago and was inexperienced in how to decide 
what conditions a book should be in to make it collectable.  So merely 
collected any Modern Library book I could find, regardless of its condition 
or whether it had a dust jacket.  As time went on and I met other collectors 
I became aware of the fact that most collectors would only buy 1st editions  
and  books with dust jackets.  So after a while I decided  I better  do the 
same, but since I had so many of the early editions with out dust jackets I 
decided to keep adding to my collection what ever was missing , regardless of 
1st edition, or if it had a dust jacket for all leatherette and Balloon 
clothe editions.  But I up graded my collection of Hard Cover, Giant, and 
Illustrated editions to have only books with dust jackets.  I do not confine 
myself to 1st editions.  

Another topic I would like to have ModLib  members participate in would be to 
offer each other books they have to trade, and editions they would want to 
get for the trade.   

David Menkin
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