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j b krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Fri Oct 12 22:40:03 EDT 2001

Anyone finding interesting MLs out there?

I had quite a dry spell finding MLs in used book stores until
recently.  A new small (very small) used book store opened
up a few blocks away from home.  I did not expect to find
much, but got a copy of Stowe's <Uncle Tom's Cabin> and
Bradford's <Of Plymouth Plantation> both VG with VG DJs.
These two were $3.50 each.

I know the Stowe is not that scarce, but it has eluded me.
Also, for some reason, the copies on eBay tend to get bid
up.  I have found maybe 3 copies of Bradford in the past,
but they all had pen marks and writing in them (must have
been used for college classes).

The big find was a VG/VG copy of Olmsted's <Cotton
Kingdom.>  Not price clipped and no remainder mark.
The pages are still lightly stuck together, so it must not
have been read.  Paid $15.  Not exactly a BL in DJ for
50 cents, but still a good deal.

Nice to know that scarce MLs are still to be found out there.

John K.

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