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j b krygier jbkrygie at
Fri Oct 12 22:18:46 EDT 2001

Hi ModLib folks,

Since things are quiet (and there is nothing wrong with
that!) I thought I would repost a list of topics which
might be discussed on ModLib.  Scot Kamins and I
compiled this back prior to starting the listserv.


ModLib is an e-mail discussion group for all issues related
to collecting the Modern Library book series.

Topics/Questions include:

- survey and discussion of current ML values

- theoretical discussions -- "Should eBay 'Prices Realized'
be a valid measure of market value?"

- Toldedano Guide corrections, additions, etc.

- what's your specialization -- ie, the focus of your

- good book stores to hunt for ML (if one is willing to
share such information!)

- geographic variations in ML availability (eg., are some
titles easier/harder to find in different parts of the

- brags -- "I found a B-L in  a NF dust jacket at a garage
sale for 50 cents"

- history of ML series

- discussions of authors in the ML series (who was Ouida?)

- how titles got chosen/rejected/dropped, in general and in

- toughest titles to find AFTER the Boni-Liveright era;
toughest binding 8 MLs in DJ.

- illustrated ML series

- matching proper dust jackets with post-1963 first

- dust jacket variations on different ML titles (to
continue developing the DJ information included in the
recent edition of the Toledano Guide).

- Anomalous but valid dust jackets (eg a type D dust jacket
[1929-1932] listing 268 titles [1939]

- Anomalous bindings (mid 20s and ca. 1940); other
anomalous bindings (eg., Jackson's Lost Weeded, leather
bindings, 20s Xmas bindings).

- ML Periphera -- book cases, match books, logo dies,
pirated editions, British editions, lamps, catalogs, etc.


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