Wrapping books for mailing: an art? a drag? a science?

j b krygier jbkrygie at cc.owu.edu
Mon Oct 8 19:21:09 EDT 2001

GrmChiTown at aol.com wrote:

> Yesterday I received a book in the mail (not ML) for which I had successfully
> bid on eBay.  After spending several minutes with scissors and vigorous
> fingers unwrapping the package, I mused for awhile on the extraordinary
> effort the sender had put into finding the wrapping materials (at least
> twelve pieces of cardboard, the type backing a writing tablet) and taping
> them together to form a multi-layered protection for this inexpensive (under
> $10) paperback book. The book was in excellent condition, having been
> slipped, in turn, into a well-fitting plastic cover.
> I could only assume that the sender is not a dealer, as surely it would not
> be possible to make a profit spending (surely) fifteen minutes to bind and
> wrap an item which sold for less than $10.

I get these mega-wrapped books once in a while.  One eBay fellow in
particular seems partial to such extreme wrappings (he also does not
charge for postage).  The packages are so large that they could not
possibly be a ML book, not even a giant.  They are also solid - layers
of duct tape and cardboard and more duct tape. My wife is used to seeing
all  the small packages of ML size books arrive in the mail, but not
large packages.  When she sees such a large package, she thinks I
bought  something for her.  There is a downside to such packaging!

As for selling MLs as a labor of love rather than a big profit maker...
the dealers on the list would have a better perspective than I, but
I know local book dealers I have talked to always grab MLs when
out scouting.  If you can buy for a buck and sell for even $5 or $6 that
seems to be ok - better than the majority of older fiction.  And there
seems to always be a few ML fanatics who will be happy to buy
what you have.  Most of the locals have a segregated ML shelf, and
the turnover seems pretty decent for all but the most common and
DJ-less copies.


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