Wrapping books for mailing: an art? a drag? a science?

Scott E Tilley stilley at usgs.gov
Fri Oct 5 14:51:05 EDT 2001

I have recently had the opposite experience on EBAY. I have bought over 200
books and this is the first terrible experience I have had purchasing a
book on EBAY. The seller advertised the book with a tear in the DJ. The
scan on EBAY was from the top so you could not see it completely. When I
received the book, half of the DJ was missing. I notified the seller. No
response . I notified the seller again and sent the book back. He signed
for it but no acknowledgement. I finally sent him an email that I was going
to have him arrested for Fraud. He responded that he did not know what I
was talking about. I filed negative feedback and fraud charges with EBAY.
This got his attention in that he now says he moved, he deleted his email
messages etc. etc. Still no offer to refund  and he has moved again . This
was a modern library book and this experience really sours me on EBAY. I
grant you this is a kid using a hotmail address which should have been a
warning. But what is one to do in this situation?

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