Wrapping books for mailing: an art? a drag? a science?

GrmChiTown at aol.com GrmChiTown at aol.com
Fri Oct 5 12:35:09 EDT 2001

Hello, Modern Library collecting colleagues.

I signed up for the list a few days ago and figured this would be a good time 
to stop lurking and say something.

Yesterday I received a book in the mail (not ML) for which I had successfully 
bid on eBay.  After spending several minutes with scissors and vigorous 
fingers unwrapping the package, I mused for awhile on the extraordinary 
effort the sender had put into finding the wrapping materials (at least 
twelve pieces of cardboard, the type backing a writing tablet) and taping 
them together to form a multi-layered protection for this inexpensive (under 
$10) paperback book. The book was in excellent condition, having been 
slipped, in turn, into a well-fitting plastic cover.

I could only assume that the sender is not a dealer, as surely it would not 
be possible to make a profit spending (surely) fifteen minutes to bind and 
wrap an item which sold for less than $10.    This raised some other 
questions.   Given the low prices of most ML material, do we ever get beyond 
the "labor of love" stage in selling them or exchanging them?  I am not now a 
dealer, but have considered trying it when I go into semi-retirement.   I 
would be interested in your feedback on this. 

My name is Gordon R. McCoy and I live in the Hyde Park section of Chicago.   
Hello again, all.

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