Looking for "Lady Chatterley's Lover"

Kevin_Vandehey at URSCorp.com Kevin_Vandehey at URSCorp.com
Mon Oct 1 16:41:51 EDT 2001

Mr. Hill,

Thanks for all the guidance. I did make it onto ABE, and I looked at your
listings for this Lawrence title in Modern Library. (I did see two listings
but not a third. Perhaps the third hasn't been added to your database yet?)

I would be interested in hearing more about what you have. I think I would
pass on the price-clipped copy you have listed, but can you tell me the
points of the other two copies you have? In particular, I want a copy
without price clips, previous owner writing, or cocking, but wear, tears
and minor stains aren't a major issue with me.

Also, I like a dust jacket that sits squarely on the book. (That is, does
the author/title/publisher logo appear centered on the dj spine?)

Thank you for your time...

Kevin Vandehey

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At this time,I have three VG/VG volumes in stock,one is a First Edition.
Go to my home page on ABE,click on browse our books,click on Modern


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Does anyone know where I can locate a F/F or NF/NF copy of Lawrence's book
"Lady Chatterley's Lover"? I'm not sure how many different versions there
are (please, inform me if you know), but I once saw a version with color
squares on the dust jacket, I recall, which would do nicely... and I would
of course like the unexpurgated version (again, please inform me if you
know details on different edited or unedited versions).

Much obliged,

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