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As a broad approximation I would say that a FINE book in like dust jacket 
would be worth nearly twice as much as a VERY GOOD copy of book and dj. And a 
GOOD book and like dj half that of very good.... As for prices on ebay I 
think it is almost a lottery. If two people want the same book, regardless 
almost of the condition, the price goes into the stratosphere. If the same 
book goes on line again, the next day say, the book might not even fetch a 
quarter of the price of the previous one if the person who didn't get the 
first book was the only one who wanted it a now... Values are only maintained 
(and this applies to any collectable) if new collectors are starting to 
addendum: I find that a lot of sellers, especially on ebay, describe a book 
as fine and then, when asked further elaborate, as fine for its age, or fine 
for this particular book, etc. The terms of description do not change with 
the age of the book.  

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